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Individualized Teaching and Tutoring

During after school hours we work with students who attend other schools. We often set up one-on-one instruction for students with an identified area of need. Working with students in this manner enables us to get to know the students immediately.  These initial sessions are essential to establish good rapport with students and to help identify areas of need through formal and informal assessments.

Xavier School 2013-48When working individually with our students, we take several approaches.  With the client, we can set up personalized curriculum to help fill in educational gaps that have been identified.  XEA provides the necessary support to ensure that students complete their assignments accurately and in a timely manner, helping them remain current and functional.  When necessary we provide mini-lessons to fill in the information necessary to understand the daily assignment.  Over time, this enables students to catch up in their classes by working in tandem with their school’s curriculum.  Sometimes, a combination is necessary.  Whatever the case may be, it is our job to set up a plan of action that best meets the needs of our students and that deals best with the particulars of the given situation.


Small Group Instruction

One of the tenets of education, and a driver of much of what we do at XEA, centers around the premise that learning is a social phenomenon.  We encourage social interaction among students as they endeavor to learn.  By working in a small group setting, we are able to create a positive learning environment that is both friendly and comfortable.  The goal is to have fun while learning. By doing so, students feel comfortable asking for additional help if needed.  Another benefit of working in a small group is that students do not feel isolated.  Rather, they gain an understanding that they are not alone in their academic struggle and can begin to support one another.

Typically, we transition students from individual sessions into small group sessions.  The objective is to help students gain the knowledge necessary to be successful at school, and our approach attempts to balance students’ immediate needs with long term goals.  The immediate objective is to provide the help our students need to get back on track, while at the same time, helping them to become independent learners.  Students not only have to learn the material at hand, but also must be able to perform in the classroom and in multiple types of assessments.  As a result, we attempt to lessen the amount of support students receive as they demonstrate better understanding of the subject matter.  Ultimately, our goal is to work ourselves out of a job.  We want to see our students become successful, independent learners.


College Counseling 

The College Counseling program at Xavier is comprehensive, holistic, and a chance for students to learn more about themselves and their goals for creating a meaningful future. Sarah Rosenblum serves as the Director of College Counseling and works individually with each high school student and family to navigate the college admission search and application process. Sarah teaches a College and Career Choices course to 11th grade students to help them jump-start their college admission journey. In the fall semester over 50 college admission representatives from across the nation visit Xavier to meet with and recruit our students. Throughout the year there are several college planning meetings for each grade level along with a college fair, career fair, case study college admission program, financial aid presentation, and college panels with admission officers. The goal is to educate each student and family to make informed choices about the college process and to find a school that will be a good match for each student. Students in the class of 2018 (40 graduates) received over $4 million in merit based scholarships and were accepted to a wide range of colleges all over the U.S. , in addition to some colleges out of the country. To learn more, please visit our college profile.


Homework Club and/or Organizational Skills

The purpose of our homework club is to provide a quiet, structural environment for students from other schools to do their homework.  This service is available Monday through Friday and is structured to help establish patterns and routines that are essential to academic success.  Students not only do their homework, but also work on organizational and study skills.

Xavier School 2013-35Another population of students that we serve through this program includes those struggling to stay organized, motivated and academically successful.  For these young men and women, homework is typically a hassle and a constant battle.  Assignments vanish on a regular basis or are not completed in a timely manner. Often, when they are completed, they are lost by the time the student makes it to class. Homework seems to take up most of the afternoon or evening.

By providing a highly structured environment in which we establish academically sound routines and procedures, by using research based methods,  by setting high expectations, by  holding students accountable, and by working at a different location from the home environment, we are able to begin the long term process of turning negative situations into constructive practices.   We set attainable goals that guide our students to a path of success.  We evaluate student behaviors and support those that will enhance school accomplishments, while at the same time helping to replace those that negatively impact their performance.  Throughout this course of action we involve our students in many ways for they are an integral part of this process, and we negotiate with them in such a way that they become excited about the goals that we have set together.  We build a team by collaborating with parents and teachers so that we may all work together to achieve what is best for the students we support.


Transitional School

When the Xavier School program first started, we were simply a transitionary school.  Students would come to us for one or two semesters and then they would transition back to another school.  We continue to offer this option, and a small percentage of our population does attend for a short period of time while parents determine what the next step in their children’s educational career will be.  We are happy to assure that our students continue to grow academically while they await acceptance into other schools.  We want the transition to be as smooth as possible, and we can create an educational plan that meets the demands and vigor of the program that our students plan to attend.


Optional Year Round School

00447We are open all year, and this gives us an opportunity to start a student’s academic year at any time.  This also allows us the abiity to slow down the curriculum for some of our students and as a result, they may take twelve months to complete a year of school work.  Children with high ability who have slower processing speed benefit from being able to work at a more beneficial rate.  Thus, they are able to truly demonstrate their potential since time restrictions are removed.  Being open all year is also extremely beneficial to students with irregular schedules, such as athletes, students in medical treatment, or students with unique circumstances.

On the other end of the spectrum, we are also able to accelerate the curriculum for some of our students since they can continue to earn credits all year.  Students who want to complete high school early continue to work all summer or they attend an extended day program.  Our hours of operation are from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM, unless special arrangements are made with the principal, Richard De La Cuadra.


Summer School/Credit Recovery

Students who have not had a successful year at their school and need to make up credits can do so through our summer school.  Our summer program is very thorough and intensive.  We not only want to help our students receive the credits they need, but we want them to walk away with a solid foundation and with the necessary skills to be successful in their future classes.  It is imperative that students be able to demonstrate mastery of the subject matter for an entire semester. Through analytical work, we are efficiently able to determine the strengths and weaknesses of our students, and are able to focus our time and energy on the individual’s areas of need.


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