Arrowsmith Program

Xavier Academy is thrilled to announce the addition of The Arrowsmith Program to our curriculum. The Arrowsmith Program is a program of rigorous, customized brain exercises that is founded on the principle of neuroplasticity and works to strengthen weak cognitive linkages that cause challenges in learning processes (Neuroplasticity is a term meaning the ability of the brain to change over time with the right stimulation). The program is composed of cognitive exercises developed by Barbara Arrowsmith Young that rewire the brain and ameliorate barriers to learning. Click on one of the links below for more information on the Arrowsmith Program at Xavier Academy.


Student Suitability

Does your student experience difficulty in any of the following areas?

Logical Reasoning
Visual Memory
Auditory Memory
Non-Verbal Learning
Auditory Processing

Typical Arrowsmith Students
The typical student enrolled in an Arrowsmith Class:

Is of average or above average intelligence
Does not have severe intellectual, cognitive, emotional or behavioral disorders
that would significantly affect his or her ability to participate in Arrowsmith Exercises
Does not have acquired brain injury or an autism spectrum disorder
Is of secondary school age

These are guidelines only. There are many enrolled Arrowsmith students who fall within these guidelines. However, there are others who require further consideration to ensure that the Arrowsmith Program can provide meaningful gains given the student’s learning challenges.


Teacher Qualifications

All Arrowsmith teachers complete an intensive training course that prepares them to administer the Arrowsmith Assessments and Exercises within their school. With this training they become Certified Arrowsmith Teachers.


Important Details

After an initial Assessment, each Arrowsmith student follows an individualized plan based on his or her cognitive weaknesses and strengths and will progress through their prescribed exercises independent of others in the Arrowsmith Classroom.
Length of Arrowsmith Enrollment
Students in Arrowsmith Classes are typically enrolled in the program for between 3-4 years based on their assessment. More mild profiles may require only 1-2 years, more severe profiles may require 5 or more years.
Time Spent on Arrowsmith Exercises
Xavier Academy provides 7 periods of academic engagement per day plus lunch/free time. A student enrolled in the Arrowsmith Program spends 5 of those periods doing cognitive exercises as prescribed by their Individual Learning Profile. The two remaining periods are then filled by Drama, Art, Music, Community Service or PE.



Many studies demonstrate positive outcomes from Arrowsmith Program participation. These studies can be found on the Arrowsmith Program (Canada) website:
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