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Xavier Educational Academy is a full-service private school offering personalized curricula and extraordinarily low teacher-to-student ratio. Xavier Academy is accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools under the auspices of AdvancED (please see the seal on the bottom left of this page). We emphasize personal growth, along with academic progress. This non-traditional culture includes community service activities and social skills development. Our approach to building relationships makes us very special. We truly believe that connecting with our students, and getting to know them on a personal basis leads to success in the classroom. By getting to know our kids, and really connecting with them, we impact them in a way that others have not. When we say, "We are proud of what you have done", it means something. As a result, our kids feel the trust, confidence, love and warmth necessary for them to feel comfortable enough to take risks, because when they take risks, they will learn.


Founded in December, 2007 by Richard De La Cuadra, Xavier is a unique school that provides an educational alternative to the traditional private and public school experience.

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Our objective is to accommodate the educational needs of our students and to help them reach their potential. We have been successful in achieving this goal by creating individual positive learning experiences that enhance each learner’s self esteem, by building strong bonds that develop trust and confidence among our students and by nurturing the whole child through extracurricular activities and community service projects.

We aspire to create a nurturing learning environment where the struggling learner can secure not only his or her high school diploma, but also excellent preparation for college and a career. Students work in individual or small group settings to receive individualized attention necessary for success and personal growth. XEA is committed to developing independent learners who will be able to apply their newly found success, knowledge, and skills to real life situations.


To provide a supporting, nurturing, safe environment in which each student is encouraged to realize his or her potential and where caring staff accelerates learning and personal growth in each student in a stimulating and positive atmosphere.


INTEGRITY, ACCOUNTABILITY, RESPECT, DIGNITY: These make up the core values of Xavier Educational Academy. With integrity, each student develops immense pride in the work they accomplish whether it be through academics or community service. With accountability, each student is encouraged to work independently, so they quickly learn to hold themselves accountable for their work. With respect, each student is keenly aware that our educators genuinely care for them, so mutual respect is a natural outcome at Xavier. With dignity, each student realizes they have a right to be valued, and more importantly, they learn to treat themselves with the proper respect.


Integrity is when our words and our action are in unison, when we do what we say and we say what we do. It means keeping our word and following through on our commitments.


We must respect everyone with whom we interact. Students must understand what respect is, and the best way to convey the meaning is through example. The staff and adults also will demonstrate respect in their daily interactions with each other and with their students.


We are all accountable to each other. When we hold truly high standards in all that we do, and when we know that we will be held responsible for the outcome, then our performance will be at the highest levels. We hold each other accountable for our behavior on or off campus. We hold each other accountable for the way we treat one another.


Each student realizes they have a right to be valued, and more importantly, they learn to treat themselves with the proper respect. Our job is to make sure that every student is successful and that, in turn, lets people know about the good work we do at Xavier Educational Academy. Our job is to be sure our students feel good about themselves and have high self esteem, so that they are able to reach their potential. As a result, we create opportunities for them that otherwise would not have been there.



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